Mission Property Maintenance


Veteran Owned, Licence and Insured


Weekly Lawn Maintenance

5 Step Fertilization And Weed Control

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Edging

Spring Lawn Dethatching

Lawn Overseeding

Sprinkler Startup

Sprinkler Winterization

Residential Snow Removal

Leaf Cleanup

Mulch Installation

Commercial Snow Removal

Dryer Vent Cleaning


Hi, I’m Jim Wynia. That is me holding our son Emmett, my wife Kayla, and our little sweetheart Hattie.  


As you can see we love being outside and are generally happy while we get to enjoy God’s creation.  This love of being outdoors is what has driven me to start Mission Property Maintenance where we offer services to take care of your property during all seasons of life and weather here in the Sioux Falls area.


The foundation of Mission Property Maintenance is service.  That is why our motto is “On a Mission to Serve You”. Our service starts with a desire to serve God through the work we do day in and day out for our clients.  Doing the best job we can at fair prices, being upfront and honest, and having the technical expertise to make the right decisions for your property are how we accomplish this.


As a veteran owned business we are no stranger to service.  We take the same commitment we had serving this country and put it into our mission to take care of your property.

As we grow and expand our team, we continue to provide that exceptional service daily:

  • When you reach out to us, we listen to your needs and your expectations
  • We provide you with a competitive and accurate quote in a timely manner. Most quotes are done same day.
  • We efficiently complete our work at a high quality
  • Our team members look forward to making your lawn look great